How Far Distance Can Flips Cover in Acrobatics

The flip is an acrobatic move that has been gaining popularity since the early days of gymnastics and continues to fascinate audiences today. It consists of a 180 or 360-degree rotation through the air. It can be executed in both horizontal and vertical directions, making it an exciting technique to watch and to perform.

Flips are one of the most impressive and difficult stunts to pull off in action sports. They require extreme strength and athleticism, as well as perfect timing and finesse. But just how far can you flip? That’s the question we’ll be exploring in this article. 

We’ll be taking a look at some of the farthest recorded flips in history, as well as exploring the incredible feat of Dom Tomato’s massive jump. We’ll also be covering the importance of height drops and flip precision in order to achieve these extreme stunts. 

The Farthest Recorded Flips

Side Flips

The farthest recorded side flip was achieved by Mark Monea, an Australian professional BMX rider. Monea jumped over a gap of nearly three meters (nine feet), which he accomplished by performing an incredible side flip. The stunt was filmed and uploaded to YouTube and has since gained a large following.

Front Flips

The farthest recorded front flip was achieved by Greg Illingworth, a professional BMX rider from South Africa. Illingworth jumped an incredible five meters (16 feet), managing to complete a full front flip in midair before landing. The stunt was similarly filmed and uploaded to YouTube, where it quickly went viral.

Can Acrobatics Skills Help in Gymnastics Routines?

Acrobatics and gymnastics may seem similar, but there is a clear difference between acrobatics and gymnastics in their skill sets and routines. While acrobatics focuses on strength and balance, gymnastics combines acrobatic elements with artistic expression and flexibility. Acrobatics skills can certainly enhance a gymnast’s routines, but they are not synonymous.

Dom Tomato’s Massive Jump

The parkour athlete who is called Dom Tomato is one example of how an act that he performs, such as his front flip could be developed further. Take a look at the video on YouTube here. It is an Australian athlete famous for his massive heights from where he can forward flip.

One of his best-known leaps is a front flip that involves descending the 25 steps of a staircase. The staircase and the spot the jump took him were made of stone. You must purchase these for a secure landing when you’re a novice.

In this particular feat this feat, the athlete has to be able to cover a large length, they also had to cover to reach an impressive height. The addition of this axis demands that the athlete recognize exactly where they are high in relation to the surrounding area all the duration.

This means that the athlete will have more math work to complete in their heads!

Height Drops

Additionally, the force of falling from a height like Dom’s requires a unique technique for safely landing. If you attempt to land on the ground could be a disaster for your body.

In order to transfer the energy and avoid the shock of the technique, the shoulder roll is commonly used.

Thanks to Luca Paolo Ardigo, discover about it.

The above image shows the 15m distance traveled from beginning to end for performing normal parkour routine. The typical flip is being done at a distance between 1 and 2 meters.


Flips are impressive and difficult stunts to pull off. We’ve explored some of the farthest recorded flips, as well as the incredible feat of Dom Tomato’s massive jump. We’ve also discussed the importance of height drops and flip precision in order to achieve these extreme feats. 

From professional BMX riders to extreme sports enthusiasts, flips are a skill that requires strength, athleticism, and perfect timing. So, if you’re looking to try your hand at flips, make sure to practice caution, and be sure to understand the importance of height drops and flip precision. After all, it is only with the right technique and practice that the perfect flip can be achieved. 

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